VOA FIT Program

Last modified on April 27th, 2023 at 01:14 pm

Help others – Help yourself

Objective: The purpose of VOA FIT is to identify and test individuals who are at high risk for infection and do not know their HIV status.

Participants in the program refer individuals to receive testing and related services through Volunteers of America Mid-States.

Target Population: We are looking for individuals who are able to recruit individuals who are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection. This includes individuals who have multiple sexual partners and are not using protection, particularly: men who have sex with men, transgender individuals and individuals who inject drugs.

Expectations for Recruiters: Recruiters will work with Volunteers of America Mid-States HIV staff to refer individuals to Volunteers of America’s HIV testing services. Prior to and during participation in the program, recruiters are coached by Volunteers of America staff on best practices for referring individuals, which includes tips and strategies on how to handle stigma, stereotypes, and rejection.

Call (502) 310-2417 for more information or to get involved with the program.

Financial compensation will be provided to individuals who participate and help link others to testing as an incentive for participation in the program.

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