Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships is a 10 hour course, for individuals who are newly diagnosed with HIV, or may be looking for support and skills in coping with their HIV diagnosis. It is typically split up between 2 days. As an evidenced based intervention the objective is to help individuals with the physical, mental, and social challenges that can come from an HIV diagnosis.

The core elements of the intervention are:

  1. Defining stress and reinforcing coping skills with HIV-positive people across three life areas:
    • Disclosing to family and friends,
    • Disclosing to sex partners, and
    • Building healthier and safer relationships.
  2. Using modeling, role-play, and feedback to teach and practice skills related to coping with stress.
  3. Teaching decision-making skills around the issue of disclosure of HIV status.
  4. Providing participants with personal feedback reports to motivate change of risky behaviors and continuance of protective behaviors.
  5. Using popular movie clips to set up scenarios around disclosure and risk reduction to stimulate discussions and role plays.

For more information regarding upcoming classes please call us at (502) 635-4502 or (502) 635-4505. 


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