Kacie Cleveland

VOA VOICES: Kacie Cleveland

For Kacie Cleveland, recovery at Freedom House began with belief.

“The more and more I achieved, the more I believed in myself. I thought ‘I’ve gotten more done here than in whole lifetime,’” Kacie said. Kacie came to Freedom House when she was pregnant with her son Joseph Zane, known as JZ. Kacie had recently been released from prison and was ready for a new life. The discipline, support and full-time schedule of programming changed everything for her.

“I made plans. I had goals. When I made an appointment, I kept it. I started thinking differently about everything,” Kacie said.

The road to recovery Kacie began at VOA eventually led right back -- as a Peer Support Specialist at Freedom House helping women working to overcome substance use disorder just as she had. 

“I’ve slept where they slept, I’ve showered where they showered. I know all about this and I know people can do it,” Kacie said.

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